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Free Vitamin C Serum + $14.95 Handling - lizmilano
Free Vitamin C Serum + $14.95 Handling - lizmilano
Free Vitamin C Serum + $14.95 Handling - lizmilano
Free Vitamin C Serum + $14.95 Handling - lizmilano

Free Vitamin C Serum + $14.95 Handling

Reverse years of aging with an extremely potent and lightweight facial serum derived directly from Orange Stem Cells to give your skin a bright, fresh, and youthful look. Natural mineral oils and fruit extracts combat premature aging and existing signs of aging by reconstructing the skin's architecture to effortlessly improve cell regenerative speed, detox pores, and hydrate skin for improved elasticity!


100% Money back guarantee


Helps with restoration of elasticity

Bring back the elasticity you had years ago

Brighten your skin tone 

helps promote blood circulation to reduce dark circles

Collagen Production

Helps with the stimulation of collagen production 

Cruelty-free and Vegan

Made in small batches, too!

Remove Makeup

Dead skin & toxins off your pores

Moisture & Hydrate

While reducing inflammation


Your skin's immune system

Save Time & Money

Oil and foam cleansing in one easy step!

Why are we giving away our Brightening Potion?

We’re not crazy, we’re confident

Our Vitamin C + Plant Stem Cell Serum is the 1st step of our amazing complete skincare set

We are so confident that you will love our serum, we are hoping that you will purchase our complete skincare set and become a customer for life. How are we so confident? Because so many of our customers who try Liz Milano for the first time become repeat customers.

There are NO gimmicks, tricks or hidden fees and there is absolutely no obligation for you to purchase from us again.

We simply ask you to cover the standard shipping & handling fee of $14.95

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you charging $14.95 for shipping & handling?
2. If your CC Serum is so great, why are you giving it away for free?
3. Will you automatically charge my credit card in the future?
4. How long will my serum last?
5. How do I properly use my CC Serum?
6. How long will it take for me to get my Brightening Potion?
7. Who is Liz Milano?
8. I have some questions, where can I reach you?

Why is using a serum so important?

Serums are the way to get powerful ingredients absorbed into your skin quickly so you can improve your skin

You can apply a serum to your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing.  Serums are powerful and can deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. The CC Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles. Goodbye, signs of aging!

Your skin on Day 0

Your Dermis layer has some organization but can be improved

Apply the Brightening Potion!

Your skin on Day 56

Your skin is much more organized.  That is Orange Stem Cells in action!

We cannot emphasize enough, a CC Serum is a MUST for any skincare routine and our Brightening Potion is the best serum you will ever try!


What’s so special about the Liz Milano CC Serum?

Glad you asked!

Most skincare consultants will tell you that applying a serum is a necessary need for glowing skin. The serum will directly transfer necessary nutrients that your skin needs to help reduce the signs of aging. 

The Liz Milano Brightening Potion CC Serum is the world’s first and only Vitamin C + Orange Stem Cell Serum that combines the efficacy of both the Vitamin C and the potent Orange Stem Cell. It is as powerful as some of the serums used at facial spas and helps you save hundreds of dollars - who doesn’t want that?

Also, unlike most traditional CC Serums, yes they help brighten your skin and provide some moisture.  However, they don't have the extra depth in reorganizing your inner dermis to give you LASTING anti-aging properties.  Other Vitamin C Serums put a band aid on the issue, the Brightening Potion goes under the skin to help heal the root cause of the issue.

Lastly, our ingredients are unique to Liz Milano. No other serum offers the lightness and anti-aging benefits delivered by our key ingredients: Orange Stem Cells, Vitamin C, Caribbean Orange Oil, and Chamomile extracts.

The Brightening Potion will

  • Help restore your skin's elasticity
  • Promote the stimulation of collagen production
  • Brightens dark spots and reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Save time AND Save Money! Save hundreds of dollars by using spa grade serums right at home rather than going to the spa 

Just try it once and you will see why our Brightening Potion is simply the best serum you will ever try. 

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Who is Liz Milano?

Inspired by our mother. We're two sons that banded together through a common passion - a passion for wellness.

Liz was started because my mother was complaining how she was fed up with other skincare brands. Either she found a product that was incredible, but so expensive, or a product that’s affordable, but contained fillers and toxic ingredients. So, we rolled up our sleeves, and worked closely with dermatologists, chemists, and estheticians to create an amazing product line that’s affordable.

Using Vitamin C and orange stem cells, we developed our flagship product, The Brightening Potion.

Supporting Liz Milano means supporting an American, family-owned business in Florida. Welcome to our shop, feel free to take a look around, and we're so happy to have you here.

Liz Milano Team

Terms for CC Serum Giveaway

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