Inspired by our mother.  We're two sons that banded together during a family crisis though a common passion - a passion for wellness.


Liz was started because one day at home, my mother was complaining how she was fed up after seeing little results with other skincare brands.  Either she found a product that was incredible, but so expensive, or a product that’s affordable, but contained fillers and toxic ingredients.


So we rolled up our sleeves, and worked closely with dermatologists, chemists, and estheticians to create an amazing product line that’s also affordable. Using Vitamin C and orange stem cells, we developed our flagship product, The Brightening Potion.


Supporting Liz Milano means supporting an American, family-owned business in Florida trying to pick up the pieces after a very painful family crisis.


Welcome to our store, feel free to take a look around and we're so happy to have you here.




The Liz Milano Team