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Preventative Care is the NEW Anti-Aging

The true way to help current evidence of aging, and to prevent future signs of aging is to take care of your skin today. 

I remember when my mother handed me my first eye cream and told me that her mother had begged her to start taking care of her skin when she was (also) 15-years-old. My mother, a vibrantly independent woman, did not listen and today regrets her decision now that she sees areas that could be looking better. Nevertheless, with all the challenges our skin faces - climate change, hormones, varying diets, sun exposure, stress, and more - how can you combat these varying villans? Preventative care! 

People of different ages should take different precautions, however, the super ingredients remain the same. It’s all about what you're feeding your skin. Here are ingredients to implement for a flawless look.

Vitamin C

One of the most popular ingredients in skincare, Vitamin C, a superhero antioxidant for your skin that works to easily detox by removing any impurities that you’ve picked up and stored in your pores throughout the day. Not only does Vitamin C remove free-radicals, but it also works to brighten signs of aging like dark spots and circles around the eyes for a more overall balanced look.

Vitamin K

Did you know Vitamin K is prescribed after surgery? This is because Vitamin K is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that works to reduce bruising and swelling throughout the entire body. In regards to beauty skincare concerns, Vitamin K helps to heal stretch marks, sagging, and dark spots. 

Coenzyme Q10

As we age and experience life challenges, our skin produces less Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short) that can be digested for energy. CoQ10 is a vital antioxidant that helps fight damage from our experiences and the environment around us, and for the skin, it provides the cells with energy to regenerate. Providing your skin with CoQ10 is like replenishing your skin cells with direct energy that can be used to keep that tired look away.


Carrot juice concentrations are packed with Beta-Carotene, the pre-curser to Vitamin A. By feeding your skin powerful antioxidants that feature acute regenerative properties, this aids your skin combatting fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet, especially around the eye area. I wonder if this is why mothers always tell their kids that carrots are good for their eyes!  


An ancient healing ingredient that pretty much delivers everything you want in a skincare product. Not only does ginseng natural increase blood circulation to improve elasticity in the skin and decrease puffiness, but it also increases collagen production. The best part - no really there’s more - ginseng used in skincare products helps increase collagen production! Just lather me up already will ya?

Plant Peptides

Ahh, the brilliance of plants. A species that creates its own energy. Using plant power in skin care products would only make sense then, right? Exactly! Plant peptides are dynamic molecules that trigger cell communication, which boosts your regenerative energy, making it easier for your skin to rebuild itself through increased collagen levels and elasticity.

Take a closer look at what ingredients are in your skincare products. Liz Milano skincare offers cruelty-free products that are backed by science and serving up timeless skin at all ages. It doesn’t matter when you start using the right products, but that you DO start using skincare products to benefit your skin for a more youthful you!