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Why people are shifting their routines to a plant stem cell-based skincare routine

Looking for alternatives to your current skincare routine that offers more potent and penetrable ingredients? Since the boom of skincare awareness over the last decade, scientists in the cosmetology industry have been consistently researching and testing new ways to prevent aging and reverse existing signs of aging, through moisturizers, serums, creams, and other beauty products. 

It’s been clear for some time that plants offer many superpowers for our skin to take advantage of, like Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, ginger’s gift of improved elasticity and increased collagen production, and as we included in Liz Milano’s Brightening Potion, Vitamin C to effortlessly lighten and brighten skin for a more youthful overall appearance.  

So how do you take it one step further? 

With the latest technological advancements, people are shifting towards plant-based stem cells in their skincare products. Plants have the ability to naturally repair themselves by regenerating at the cellular and tissue level, so why not use those regenerative properties to benefit your skin? 

This is how Liz Milano is revolutionizing skincare for women of all ages. By using plant stem cells in our lineup, it encourages new cell growth that helps repair damaged cells and grow new cells for even skin texture and other phenomenal anti-aging benefits.

Each plant carries different characteristics and with that, different benefits for your skin. One of the first skincare manufacturers to incorporate plant stem cells in products initially conducted a clinical study using ginger stem cells on 22 women

The goal was to see if the skin texture would become soft and balanced. The results yielded an improvement in skin structure by pore reduction of approximately 50% of the women, and a mattifying effect revealed by a reduction of shininess by 15% after 6 hours. Lab controlled tests have shown an increase in the formation of elastin and fibers and a reduction in oil secretion for all the women.

Liz Milano required its plant-ingredient-of-choice to deliver results we all yearn for year-round ... beautifully balanced skin that’s seamlessly smooth and void of visible oils or blemishes! 

This is why we elected active Orange Stem Cells in our Brightening Potion as the victor! Orange Stem Cells furnish customers with a sustainable beauty product option that organizes the inner architecture of the skin to fight aging for a fresh, flawless look. Regularly feeding your skin Orange Stem Cells supplies our skin highly concentrated doses of hydration to make the skin more elastic, and therefore, not saggy. This intense hydration then allows the skin to recover the elasticity it had years ago! 

Are you ready for renewed skin or want to maintain your current look? Plant stem cells are the latest innovation in skincare paving the future for others to fall in line. 





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